A New Adventure

At the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

We started this adventure a year ago this August when we decided to take the leap and move to the Washington, DC area. My husband asked me about a million and a half times if I would be ok with it. I had a growing photography business in Kansas, and this was going to be a full seventeen hours away from our little house on Cherokee street.

The beauty of a photography business is that you can pick up and move it pretty much anywhere and adapt to your surroundings. Except these surroundings were going to be made of brick, granite and marble instead of corn, sunflowers and wheat. That transition was probably the biggest thought that I had to adapt to, but if you know me I've always preferred being in the city to the country. My photography business however, had thrived on the open fields of Kansas and I couldn't be more thankful for that experience. I had really only shot one senior session in Kansas City, MO down in the west bottoms so I basically would have to start from scratch.

On September 15th, 2017 we moved into our new apartment in Alexandria, VA with the help of my brother and future sister-in-law. We unpacked our two cars, took a deep breath and became tourists in our new city. We went to the normal first stops in DC like the Lincoln Memorial and the White House and explored Old Town Alexandria. Needless to say we all were overwhelmed from making the trip, then taking in the sights that were going to become the new normal to us. Flash forward to November, the now. I'm sitting at my desk, drinking my coffee and listening to the brilliant Sam Smith. Editing the Perri wedding from mid October and getting more settled into our new home with every day. It's been an adjustment, trying to restart everything for Studio 26 Photography here in Virginia I won't lie about that.

Trying something new like blogging is my way of getting my thoughts out there. And telling people about this journey is no different then me sharing a snapshot of a family photo. So welcome to this journey of mine, let's talk, engage and capture the most important and special times in our lives.

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