Moments Worth Remembering

If you asked me what my favorite subjects to shoot were I'd probably couldn't tell you, it's too hard to choose. But if you asked me what I prefer, candid versus formally posed I would lean more towards candid photos.

The photos I've chosen for my examples are just about the best I could have asked for when it comes to a genuine reaction. Kaylie and I were in Weston, Missouri taking her senior photos. I asked her to just relax, look down and think of something or someone that made her happy. The photo on the right is right after I asked her what she was thinking about to which she replied "Aaron," her boyfriend. We both laughed and I as a result got a great laughing shot of her, one where she looks truly happy.

One of my photography idols Dorothea Lange said "Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." To me candid photos are the ones we want to remember the most, those are the moments we laugh at, cry at, and get those warm feelings in our bodies for. They are some of the most poetic moments in our lives that writers write about and singers sing about.

However formal photos are the ones we get framed and show our grandkids years later. There is a lot to say about formals and that deserves a whole other blog post about them. Moments we remember from formals are just as important if not more so than candids. Formals are the documents of our lives that are most treasured to us. Whether it be a senior, engagement, or wedding formally posed photos like the left photo are still just as artistic and beautiful.

So my question is, what do you like best? A formally posed photo, a candid photo or a little bit of both?

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