If You're Planning Your Big Day...

When planning a wedding most brides get all the big items taken care of first. The venue, caterer, dress, wedding party, food, flowers, and photographer are all at the top of most brides' lists. It's a very exciting time for them because they've most likely had a Pinterest board with all of these things since Pinterest began in 2010, myself included. It's all those details that get us women excited to walk down the isle to the man of our dreams.

It takes a year or more to get to the isle for most of us that chose to plan our own wedding. What most people don't tell brides is to have one very important document made before the big day, a timeline. About two weeks before the wedding I like to meet one more time with her to emphasize the importance of a timeline for their day.

They don't need to be looking at it all day worrying about how they're 5 minutes late eating lunch, and then not eating. So by suggesting having a point person, or bridal assistant they get relived of that stress. That person can also pop in on the groom's side of things to make sure the men are moving along too. If the bride doesn't want to give anyone that job they give me the timeline and I serve as a clock for their day, because if things aren't moving your day doesn't flow as smoothly as it could.

I've had the privilege of photographing some great weddings in just a short amount of time. Each one of them is different and special in their own way. I'm not saying that you should plan your day around the photographer just keep us in mind when planning. Most of all take a little time out for just you and the groom. I couldn't emphasize this more, it's the biggest step in your lives as a couple. Take a little time out of your day to just be with each other, photographer there or not.

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