Quick Thoughts: Music

Ever since I could remember my mom had music on while she was doing anything. Whether it was working, driving or cooking dinner she had music on. It's always been very "whistle while you work" in our family. In our opinions, we think have great taste in music. Everything from Elton John to Maroon 5 to Steven Miller gets played with us. So when I moved away and started working more on my business, I couldn't figure out why in the world I was getting so distracted.

I was sitting in silence, except for the occasional fire truck sirens on the highway every now and then. That's when I decided to download Spotify, and let's just say greatest decision ever! I'm sure Booker is very tired of my singing but photos are getting edited faster thanks to music! Lately I've been obsessed with Sam Smith's- The Thrill of it All album and anything Ed Sheeran, until my girl T-Swift came out with her reputation album that's pure Tay magic!

So what do you listen to while working? What stations do you listen to, whether on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon etc.?

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