The Day Job

Since I haven't updated this in a hot minute, I thought I'd update you on recent events. Since January I've had a new job at Trader Joe's, yes.... a grocery store. Now I know what you're thinking, it's a far cry from anything that has to do with art, photography or basic knowledge of anything. But my title is "Sign Artist," yes I get to go to work every day and make signs for anything and everything Trader Joe's sells.

My daily life includes markers and pencils, glue, poster boards, chalkboards, paint markers.... so basically I'm in heaven. I love working with the artist team, and right now I'm preparing to help open the new DC Union market store. With lots of signs from other stores but we will eventually make new templates for our pretty new store!

This job has come at the perfect time, when I wasn't creating much art. So this job makes me flex my artistic muscles every single work day! Through this job I've also made friends with fellow artist that love hand-lettering things just as much as I do. I've also become part of a hand-lettering group on Insta like the true millennial I am, we actually meet in person once a month though. So if you're interested @thecapitalletters is our group, check us out!

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